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Chuck Sobey

Chuck Sobey Chuck Sobey is Conference Chair of FMS. Under his leadership, FMS has increased its size, scope, and influence worldwide, while navigating the unprecedented effects the pandemic has had on the global events industry. Chuck is a respected memory and storage technology strategist, researcher, and lecturer. As Chief Scientist of ChannelScience, he guides clients in evaluating emerging memory and storage technologies and in maximizing their reliability and performance. He uses probability analysis to match a technology's projected capabilities to an application's requirements. His team has won SBIR awards from the US Department of Energy to advance the field of magnetic tape recording, on which practically all of the hyperscale and cloud services rely.

Chuck's clarity of explanation and extensive experience and industry network make him a sought-after technical and business development consultant. He has taught storage/memory technology seminars around the world. Chuck is also General Chair of SmartNICs Summit, which he is co-developing to support the hyperscale and cloud data center ecosystem. He earned an MS ECE from the University of California, Santa Barbara and a BS ECE from Carnegie Mellon University. He holds 7 US patents.

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