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Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson With over 22 years of invaluable experience at Intel, Willie Nelson has played a pivotal role in driving the early adoption of diverse storage technologies. As a Technology Enabling Architect, he has dedicated his career to facilitating seamless transitions to cutting-edge interfaces and use cases, encompassing PCIe, CXL, NVMe, SSDs, NVDIMMs, Optane, and various other Persistent Memory devices.

In recent years, Willie has been a key asset to Jim Pappas' Ecosystem Enabling team, actively collaborating with vendors to spearhead early enablement and adoption of crucial new IO technologies. His expertise extends beyond the confines of Intel, as he actively manages and directs multiple successful industry associations and cross-industry initiatives. Willie currently serves as the Treasurer for the SNIA Compute Memory and Storage Initiative (CMSI), and also holds the position of Co-Chair of the CMSI Marketing Working Group.

Willie Nelson's commitment to technological advancement and his leadership in industry associations underscore his reputation as a forward-thinking and influential figure in the ever-evolving landscape of storage technology.

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